Day: October 27, 2019

EVstudio Field Services

Here at EVstudio, the Field Services Team does it all. Primarily we inspect new construction structural foundations, which include Footings, Steel Walls, Drain, Damp, and Void inspections and PT Slabs. We also do framing and shear wall inspections across the Front Range. The EVstudio Field Services Team also tackles inspections for foundations that have been …

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Dead-End Corridors: What are they and why are they important?

Three years ago, a forest fire broke out in Canada called the Fort McMurray wildfire. This fire was located extremely close to the city of Fort McMurray and didn’t take long to force mandatory evacuations for the whole town. Video quickly spread like the fire itself of residences driving through the fire on the road, …

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PUReWall Panel Systems

PUReWall panel system is a unique building system that panelizes the building envelope into sections.  The system allows for the elimination of up to 30% of material waste.  Also, the onsite assembly of the building envelope may be reduced by up to 60% to 75%, according to the manufacturer. PUReWall Overview Video: The PUReWall …

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