Bluebeam PDF Save Location Tip

If you’ve ever had Bluebeam files saving in seemingly random places, or the resolution is wrong…or you need to print directly to a jpeg this blog is for you! Thanks to my good friend Bill for pointing this tip to me.

You have the choice in Bluebeam to have:

A: Bluebeam dialogue pop up every time you print and let you define: resolution, file name, folder location, file format


B: Bluebeam takes whatever you give it in Revit, etc.; as the place and name of the file you are printing.

To change this setting:

You can in Bluebeam go to Help/Administrator/Printer

bluebeam screen shot

Or, under your main WINDOWS menu:

All Programs

Bluebeam software

Bluebeam Administrator


(same as above)

Hope that helps!


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