Bluebeam PDF Save Location Tip

by evstudio on June 10, 2016

If you’ve ever had Bluebeam files saving in seemingly random places, or the resolution is wrong…or you need to print directly to a jpeg this blog is for you! Thanks to my good friend Bill for pointing this tip to me.

You have the choice in Bluebeam to have:

A: Bluebeam dialogue pop up every time you print and let you define: resolution, file name, folder location, file format


B: Bluebeam takes whatever you give it in Revit, etc.; as the place and name of the file you are printing.

To change this setting:

You can in Bluebeam go to Help/Administrator/Printer

bluebeam screen shot

Or, under your main WINDOWS menu:

All Programs

Bluebeam software

Bluebeam Administrator


(same as above)

Hope that helps!


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