Building Department Expectations

No matter who your architect is or how good they are, expect comments from the building department. Each building department is different in their expectations for plans, each examiner has a different perspective and each set of plans that they see are arranged differently enough that they may miss the information in their review. It is a frequent occurrence to submit two sets of plans that have been through the same checking process to the same building department and get different comments back.

Of course a better architect will provide you with a set of plans that will receive fewer comments. It is important that the set of plans does not have errors, most of the time these comments should be requests for clarifications or a different way that the examiner would like to see the information presented.

On a related note, Dean was in Jefferson County’s Building Department earlier in the week and heard from the head of the department that our title block gives them confidence in EVstudio plans. That’s something that we strive for with each building department.


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