Business Occupancy Group as Defined in the International Building Code

One of the first steps in any building project is evaluation of the appropriate occupancy group. This drives building size, building height, construction type, exiting and fire separations.

Business Group B is the occupancy for office, professional and service type transactions. This also includes storage of records and accounts.

Some of the occupancies called out as business group B include airport control towers, animal facilities, banks, barber and beauty shops, car washes, civic buildings, outpatient clinics, dry cleaning and laundries, data processing, labratories, car dealerships, post offices, print shops, professional services (like architects), radio  and tv stations.

Group B also includes educational uses above the 12th grade and training programs.

Assembly uses for less that 50 people are classified as B. Accessory assembly uses for less than 50 people or 750 square feet can be classified as Group B.


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