City of Denver Requires Contractor Licenses

The City and County of Denver is a municipality that requires contractors to have a license to pull a permit. The license types are Class A, B, C and D.

Building Contractor Class A license is a general contractor license that allows erection, alteration, demolision and repair of any building or structure.

Building Contractor Class B license allows work on Type III, IV and V buildings. It also allows work on Types I and II that are less than a high rise in height and less than the area allowances for Type III. A Class B license also allows demolition of one or two unit building and any building of one story. It also allows non-bearing interior work on any building type.

Building Contractor Class C license is a residential contractor license and allows work on one and two unit dwellings along with attached townhomes.

Building Contractor Class D license is a specialty contractor license. This license is required for antennas, insulation, concrete, curtain wall, store front, custom windows, fences, fire doors, fireproofing, taps and backflow preventers, plaster, masonry, decks, outdoor stages, overhead doors, precast, prefab buildings, racks, retaining walls, scaffolding, siding, swimming pools, mobile buildings, tile, lifts and trash chutes. It can also be used for non structural residential remodels and non structural tenant finish.


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4 thoughts on “City of Denver Requires Contractor Licenses”

  1. My career in the residential building trades began by painting one room and it took off from there. That was almost 16 years ago and during that time I’ve demoed and installed everything in a house that you can imagine. I’ve taken and passed the contractor’s exam and without having worked for any company or any one person that would be able to support a class C contractor application I can’t apply for that permit.

    My class D permit applications have been denied because I can’t show 24 consecutive months of working within specific fields for which my applications were submitted, despite testimonies from customers. No one behind the counter is willing to help or advise me and in fact have been curt and rude. Has anyone out there experienced any similar problems in getting a permit? Why is the city and county of Denver so hard to deal with?

  2. Do you happen to have any links to the City and County of Denver where someone could go to and start the process of becoming licensed under one of these categories?

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