Interior Design

Our Interior Design team focuses on the experience of your building's design.

We’re professionals in not only making the built space attractive, but functional. A building should be experienced, its materials easy and fun for interaction. Opening and closing doors should be seamless and smooth. It should be easy to find things. Fixtures should feel both obvious and enjoyable in use. We consider occupant health, safety and cultural preferences in everything we design. Our Interior Design team will deliver a space you won’t want to leave.

Our Interior Scope Includes

  • Floor Plan Layout and Space Planning
  • Coordination with Landscape Architect on Interior and Exterior Design
  • Interior Finish Selections
  • Digital Material Board
  • Physical Samples
  • Millwork Layout
  • Flooring Designations
  • Light Fixture Selections
  • Finish Preview with Renderings
  • Furnishing for Common Spaces
  • Signage
  • Floor Finish Sheets
  • Material Specifications
  • Millwork Details
  • Finish Details
  • Interior Soft Details
  • Light Fixture Locations and Selections
  • Interior Elevations and Material Callouts
  • Furniture Plans
  • Enlarged Finish Views
  • Fixture Selection
  • Furniture and Art Work Selections
  • Equipment and Appliance Selections

Why Work With Our Interiors Team

The value in using our all-encompassing services is clear in both the quality of the design, the quickness in our schedule, and your bottom-line. Our team sits next to one another and has gone through extensive lessons learned as a team and answer one another’s questions on the spot. Not only does an integrated company offer you their best when all services are used, but our team and your team receive a more enjoyable, holistic team experience.

EVstudio’s interiors team is so much more than a group filling orders. They sit in every design discussion to make sure the inside of your space coordinates well with all design disciplines and reflects every goal you set for your project. 

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