Elevator Machine Rooms Need To Be Rated Too

The International Building Code requires that elevator machine rooms and machinery spaces have at least the same rating as the elevator shaft. The openings into the machine room also need to be protected with doors having a fire rating equal to the fire rating of the doors protecting the hoistway (elevator shaft).


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2 thoughts on “Elevator Machine Rooms Need To Be Rated Too”

  1. Phil, its interesting that we just had the same discussion for another project. Basically the roof rating would come out of the building type. So if the roof needs to be rated for the building type then yes, if it doesn’t need to be rated then no. The highest roof rating is 1-1/2 hour for Type IA, everything else is either 1 or 0 hour. The continuity of the fire barrier is to the underside of the roof deck.

  2. Phil Pilgrim--Winter Const. Company

    Building a City Police Dept. and I have an elevator & machine room that is 2-hour rated from floor to ceiling.

    The hoistway roof is the corrigated steel metal roof (membrane roof) and the same with the machine room

    Does the roof assmebly need to be rated also (this is structural steel building)???

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