Ovation in Lone Tree Colorado

When the Ovation project in Lone Tree came to us, it was stuck with a Pro Forma that didn’t work. The Developer was working with a density study that was provided for them and the bottom line was not enough parking and not enough units. So they came to EVstudio. We creatively rethought the entire site, included a portion of structured parking, and worked with the 24 feet of grade drop across the site to get another 30 residential units plus several thousand square feet more retail space. By adding over 25% to the bottom line, coupled with the savings from having all disciplines coordinated in-house, the Pro Forma sang and we were off. Ovation in Lone Tree 1

We learned that the previous designer tried to force an off-the-shelf design onto this site. EVstudio never falls into those trappings. As a part of our creative solution, the unit plans became wider and shallower, providing much better natural light and livability. With arguably the most sophisticated design in the area with its aesthetics that mindfully heed those of a downtown brick loft, Ovation is able to command higher rents and lower turnover than its nearby contemporaries.



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