Overlook at Thornton Affordable Housing Apartment Complex Remodel


I was in Thornton this morning and took a few pictures of The Overlook at Thornton apartment complex. It is an affordable housing project run by the Adams County Housing Authority. The total complex is 160 units and a community building. In 2006, EVstudio did the as built drawings of all the units and buildings prior to a remodel by my former employer Odell Architects.

The complex was completely remodeled on both the interiors and the exteriors. I also participated in the choices about exterior colors and textures to make the complex feel vibrant. Glad to see how it turned out.



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2 thoughts on “Overlook at Thornton Affordable Housing Apartment Complex Remodel”

  1. Hi Sheena, of course we only design them, but if you reach out to the ACHA, they should be able to work that out with you. Good luck, Sean

  2. I’m looking for a home for me and my 6year old
    I been staying with my mom and step dad and
    Sister and her baby and we need are own room

    Thank you
    Sheena Cortez

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