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Our website is currently undergoing a renovation and I recently uploaded a new front page. I’m seeing that the information from one of the old pages more likely belongs in the blog under the new organizational structure. So here it is, the most common phases of architectural services that EVstudio provides:

Schematic Design:
We can provide “from scratch” design services including programming and schematic layout based on the needs of each client and project. No single design vernacular is adhered to as each client is individual and has different desires. Also, we can coordinate information presentation on-line in a web-based format throughout the design process so the client stays in the loop and has every opportunity to give the input that they need.

Design Development:
We take the schematic design and further develop it to create the best solution. This is where the nuts and bolts of the design come together to form one cohesive project.

Construction Documentation:
Relaying the design information to the contractor is an important task to ensure that the final project follows the same vision held by the owner and architect. EV Studio will prepare site plans, floor plans, elevations, sections, foundation layouts, floor framing plans, roof layouts, details, or any combination of the above to provide the contractor with more than enough information to execute the design to the most intricate level of detail.

Support Drawings:
Every project requires special attention in areas other than the standard set of drawings. EV Studio can prepare electrical drawings, millwork drawings, as-built drawings for remodels, product research and schedules, consultant coordination and code analysis for projects of many types including residential, multi-family, industrial, civic, educational and commercial.

Construction Administration:
EV Studio is available for construction administration throughout the course of the construction cycle. We can be involved anywhere from bidding to on-site evaluations and design control to final punchlist preparation. We are experienced in every phase of the construction process and can act as the client liason to the builder or the contract administrator.


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