Pouring the Detached Garage Slab at the Magner Duplex


I went over to the Magner Duplex at 23rd and Lowell in Denver to do a rebar inspection prior to the pour on the detached garage slab.

One of the nice things about a detached garage on a tight site is being able to use the garage location for backfill storage while building the house. It takes significantly less time to build a one story garage so you can leave the back of the site open while you use that land area. With this duplex they are close to finishing framing on the house so I’m assuming that the garage will be framed when they finish.

I’ve seen the opposite situation on larger sites where the garage may be finished first so it provides a secure and dry location for materials storage.

I also got a kick out of the three year old standing on the boat next door so he could watch the cement mixer and the construction process. I’m sure my three year old would be doing the same thing. Good entertainment.


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