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The majority of EVstudio’s projects are in Colorado and the projects that we do through 157 Architecture are all in Texas. However we have done work in quite a number of states and we enjoy practicing in new areas. In the last couple years we’ve done work in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, South Dakota, Michigan, Illinois, New York and some feasibility work for clients overseas.

The primary concern with doing work in a new state is verifying that you are meeting the requirements of that state’s architectural registration board and those requirements vary widely. In many states you don’t have to have an architectural license to produce residential drawings, but you may need one to produce structural drawings. Some states set a restriction based on the size of the project and you’ll also find municipalities that don’t even have building permits. Some states require that you are licensed there prior to even starting a project, some require that you’re licensed before the permit is issued.

One of our first steps with projects either in state or out of state is to investigate the requirements of the state and the municipality. With a little bit of research we can greatly reduce the headaches that could happen late in the project.

Thankfully, in recent years states have greatly simplified the process for reciprocal registration. I hold a Certificate from the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) that makes reciprocal registration much easier. In fact, some states don’t even allow reciprocal registration without an NCARB certificate. This certificate gives EVstudio the flexibility to practice in new states after meeting a simplified set of requirements.


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