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I have been using Blackpoint for a little over a three months and I have to say it has been pretty exciting. From watching the home builder demonstrate how, with a push of a few buttons, the software automatically pieces together a unique set of options to produce a set of architectural plans for a model to producing my own structural plans with unique framing for each of the options.

Blackpoint is a software program that integrates with AutoCAD Architectural Desktop to manage a home builder’s multiple options for a particular model. Instead of creating and modifying a complete base plan each time a new homeowner requests a unique set of options, a main file is created with all of the available options able to be “plugged in” to create the homeowners specific home.  As a structural engineer I see huge potential for this software.

Typically I would design and draft a base model for a home builder. Then, when the builder would request a site specific model, I would copy the base model and make the necessary changes to accommodate the options that were requested for that particular model. This would include design and drafting time to make the changes to the base model, with the majority of the time being drafting to fine tune the base model such as modified dimensions due to the change. This process would happen for each site specific model requested by the home builder. With Simpad’s Blackpoint Software, I design and draft the base model then draft only the things that change for each of the options in the same file and link the options to the base model. Then once the home builder requests a site specific model, I select the requested options and the software produces a site specific plan set for me automatically. It is more work up front but significantly less work for each of the site specifics.

Over the next few weeks I will keep you updated on my successes and setbacks of learning the Blackpoint software.

An example of a Blackpoint enabled floor plan.


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