Smith Residence – Project Wrap

Photo Timeline of Smith Residence Construction

Today we are taking a look at the Smith Residence as the project is wrapping up. As a quick refresher, this was a remodel/redesign that resulted in the existing home being scrapped from the top down to the main level floor sheathing up. For a little more information on the design, see the original project post here.

First lets take a look at some of the pictures during construction.

Here we can see the main roof being framed.
Glulam Truss on Glulam beam
“Warmboard” in floor radiant heat systems. These are a great alternative to gypcrete radiant heat systems in renovations because they don’t add the additional weight of the gypcrete.
This picture shows the house after sheathing. In addition, you can see that they have almost finished up the framing for the roof!
Exterior finishes are starting to be added in this picture.
Just about there!
More pics at 95% done
Here is a short photo tour of some interior work that is being finished up to give you an idea and feel for the style that will be carried throughout the house.  

Check back later for updated pics of the fully finished and furnished product!


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