Structural Engineer Home Inspections

One of the many services EVstudio provides is structural engineering home inspections for home sellers or buyers.  A structural engineer is typically requested to inspect a home if the general home inspector observes a crack or movement in a home.  General home inspectors are not licensed structural engineers and cannot provide recommendations on the cause or possible repairs to a structure by law.  Only a licensed engineer can provide recommendations about repairing a structure.

Buying a home can be scary.  Especially if your dream home has signs of possible foundation problems.  Many times the cracks and signs of possible movement are nothing to worry about.  As long as you understand the issues you can monitor the structure and even prevent future movement.  Our office takes pride in providing high quality structural engineering services but also takes the time to educate the homeowners about the situation.  Concrete cracks and mother nature is going to do her best to destroy your house.   We’ll tell it to you straight, why there is or isn’t a problem.  How the problem happened and how it can be repaired.  We will also teach you how to monitor your house for future movement.

The best way to calm your nerves about worrying over possible expensive structural repairs is straight from a structural engineer and NOT over the internet or a contractor.

We recently visited a home that our client was thinking of purchasing.  This house had obvious problems so we were asked to visit early on in the buying process.  We found a few unique descriptions by the previous homeowner of the foundation cracks.



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