Clearance of Steel Beams in a Crawlspace

by Jim Houlette, PE February 9, 2018

For any elevated structural you need to provide sufficient space below the framing members to meet code requirements.  But there are several other reasons why you should provide additional clearance. If you are building a structural floor with wood joists you must provide 18” clearance […]

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Crawlspace Access

by Matt Svoboda, AIA April 10, 2017
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So, your new construction includes a crawlspace and you’ve remembered to either ventilate it or condition it mechanically (please see a previous EV blog post on this).  So now you just need a way to get in there! The International Residential Code requires access for […]

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Under Floor Space Ventilation in Crawl Spaces

by Sean O'Hara, AIA, LEED AP December 10, 2012

The International Residential Code specifies the requirements for ventilation and/or conditioning of under floor spaces, specifically crawlspaces. The primary method is through openings in the exterior walls with a minimum of 1 square foot of opening per 150 square feet of under floor area. Each […]

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