Customize Revit

Customizing Revit Shortcuts to Streamline Your Workflow

by evstudio May 8, 2019

Did you know you can customize your shortcuts/hot keys in Revit? If you are forever forgetting that the “mirror” command is MM instead of MI, or another shortcut just makes sense to you, this is a tip that will save you time and frustration. The […]

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Revit Workshare Workaround for an Unavailable User

by EVstudio AEP May 7, 2019

When using a workshared project in Revit, you will occasionally get locked out of editing certain elements because someone else is was working on that element.  Here is that all too familiar dialog box: But what if ‘UserName’ is not available to resave to central […]

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Filters in Revit for Structural Framing Plans

by EVstudio AEP October 29, 2018

As all architects and engineers using Revit know, the out of box settings are rarely what you need to produce a set of drawings for review. Namely, visual representation of modeled elements often does not match up with your intent. In order to bypass this, […]

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