The Cafe at The Place in Evergreen to Open Next Week!

While construction continues next door at “The Place” on Meadow Drive in Evergreen, the “Cafe @ The Place” may open as early as next week! EVstudio completed the plans for both spaces. The building, which previously housed The Carpet Exchange,  has been designed to be an important hub for the non-profit organizations of the mountain communities and is already leased to capacity once construction is completed. The building has a completely updated interior featuring office and storage spaces, flexible meeting areas, a tele-conferencing room and a fully equipped media room which are all powered by a brand new 30 kilowatt solar array on the roof.

The owner is hoping to open the Cafe doors to the public as early as Monday June 14th. The Cafe features a nearly 500 s.f. outdoor patio area in addition to over 1000 s.f. of interior retail space with a gas burning fireplace and mountain accents such as stone and barnwood finishes. Evergreen residents and visitors will soon have a new place to meet, sit down and share a steaming cup of Joe and a warm conversation.


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2 thoughts on “The Cafe at The Place in Evergreen to Open Next Week!”

  1. Hey James. As I’m sure you’re pointing out there is what appears to be a ramp at the front of the building. The site and building exterior are not a portion of our project and are existing. Its a shopping center and the accessible parking is arranged throughout the site.

    In the mountains of Evergreen there are many challenges for accessibility. We work with all of our clients and contractors to mitigate these concerns. It can be interesting to make grade changes when the sidewalks and roads are significantly steeper than ramps.

    Thanks for your interest.

  2. James V. Vitale, AIA

    1. No handrails for ramp required in Colorado?

    2. Proximity of accessible parking?

    Curious minds want to know.

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