Top 10 Reasons Architects should Avoid Driving (according to my wife)

10. Conversations with clients require far too much hand waving even while using a hands free device.
9. Buildings are often placed next to roads requiring instantaneous detailed study of their fenestration.
8. Buildings under construction require even more intense scrutiny.
7. Bridges can also be destracting to the more structurally inclined Architect.
6. I hear Apple is developing a mobile drafting app for the iPhone…..
5. Driving into a building would require a detailed justification of our action to a Structural Engineer.
4. Driving could potentially lead to a loss of 3 LEED points.
3. Sleep deprivation and driving do not mix.
2. While texting and driving is dangerous…napkin sketches are downright frightening.
1. These thick round Phillip Johnson/IM Pei knock off glasses make it very hard to see.


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1 thought on “Top 10 Reasons Architects should Avoid Driving (according to my wife)”


    Nice – I think I’m guilty of at least 8 of these on a regular basis!
    Thanks for the laugh!

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