Waterloo Swim Facility in Austin, Texas

Waterloo Swimming is a 30,000 square foot enclosed training and teaching swimming facility. The construction is a clear span pre-engineered metal frame structure spanning over 104 feet. The exterior is concrete masonry units in the pool area with a metal stud,insulation and gypsum board wall assembly in the offices and support spaces. This project type presented unique challenges with the humidity factor arising from the moisture of the teaching pool and training pool. A vapor wall assembly had to be carefully designed to allow for the moisture build up in the pool,which we designed garage door assemblies for cross ventilation as well as a back up mechanical ventilation system.



The training pool is 74 feet wide by 164 feet long. This precise dimension meets the US Swim criteria for Olympic trials qualifications. Once constructed this swim facility will be the largest indoor privately owned swim facility of this type in Central Texas. The Waterloo Swimming philosophy is water safety and respect as the primary goal. Teaching a fun loving environment is critical as well as teaching swimming skills that will last a lifetime.

The market for indoor recreational facilities is growing. There are many indoor soccer,tennis,swimming, and fun activities related businesses popping up in imaginative and creative ways. As Architects and Engineers,we are responding to the challenges of providing not only functioning buildings to house the various activities, but also providing creative designs that will enhance the experiences.

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