Where are the Best Places to Find FREE Revit Families?

On one hand I have to hand it to the Revit developers for a robust and state of the art design tool. But on the other hand, and as most Revit users will tell you, the out-of-the-box Revit leaves something to be desired. This subject is part of a larger discussion but as far as trying to find free modeled Revit families that do not exist out-of-the-box here are a few places I like to go:

  • The download page of RevitCity.com  – A username and password is required and it is pretty easy to find things. Most of this content seems to be end user created and some may not work just the way you’d like and I have found that some need editing to fit with a particular project and match graphical standards.
  • Autodesk Seek – A username and password is not required. This site has a lot of Revit families, a lot of which is uploaded right from manufacturers. They also have .dwg, .pdf and .doc files as well. It is well organized with a plethora of filtering options to narrow down your search.
  • BIMstop.com’s BIM content library – A username and password is required. Search options are a little cumbersome. Content is a mix of manufaturer and third party end users. As implied they offer a variety of other BIM formats and offer BIM software add-ons that I have not tried using.
  • TuboSquid.com –  A username and password is required. I have not used this site much but it features multiple BIM formats, as well as images for use in rendering. While a lot of the content is free, some is not.

I am sure there are other resources out there but these have been my mainstays for a while. Another avenue would be to do a general search engine search, as more and more manufacturers are providing Revit formatted families directly from their sites.


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