Jefferson County

Does Jeffco Have a 50% Area Rule for Remodeled Homes?

by Kacy Landsittel April 11, 2016

Recently and in past years, at EVstudio we’ve heard rumors that Jefferson County, Colorado has a rule stating that if remodel work exceeds 50% of the total square footage then the entire home has to be brought up to code. So to clear the air […]

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Jefferson County Colorado Driveway Requirements and Standards

by EVstudio AEP May 25, 2015
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If you are planning to build a private home in Jefferson County, Colorado, I’m sure you have more than a few questions regarding the process. Approval from Jefferson County’s Planning and Zoning Department can be a taxing exercise for even the most seasoned engineers. In […]

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Planning for Housing and Community Development

by evstudio May 6, 2015

This post comes from Stephanie O’Hara, Planner Analyst for EVstudio. Immediately prior to joining EVstudio she worked for Jefferson County, Colorado for 6 years in various planning roles. EVstudio looks for planning opportunities in both the public and private sector: While working at Jefferson County […]

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Jefferson County Height Restriction

by Sean O'Hara May 20, 2014
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Jefferson County, Colorado has changed the way that they look at building height effective May 20th, 2008. This is the first change in this definition since 2002. Its a little hard to explain so hopefully I’m allowed to post this graphic from the Zoning Resolution. […]

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Gateway Trail from Evergreen Lake to Downtown Evergreen Proposed to Jefferson County Open Space

by Dean Dalvit May 27, 2010

HERO, the Heart of Evergreen Revitilization Organization, met again last week and had the opportunity to review a plan that was being proposed by Rocky Graziano, an active local resident in support of the downtown Evergreen trail efforts. The focus of this project is to […]

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Jefferson County Open Space Plan for Downtown Evergreen Colorado

by Dean Dalvit May 12, 2010

I have had the pleasure of being a member of the Evergreen Downtown Business Association as long as EVstudio has been in Downtown Evergreen, and I am currently on a special committee specifically organized for community revitalization. The committee is the “Heart of Evergreen Revitalization Organization”, or […]

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Jefferson County Code Supplement Deletes 2009 Residential Fire Sprinkling Requirements

by EVstudio AEP January 30, 2010

Although Jefferson County has been one of the first counties in the state to adopt the 2009 International Codes, the 2009 Jefferson County Residential Code Supplement states that Section 313 for Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems has been “deleted in it’s entirety” from their adoption of […]

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Blue Spruce Habitat Formwork and Rebar

by evstudio March 10, 2009

Dean and Elicia met with Phil Miller from Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity this morning to inspect the formwork & rebar for the footings at the site in Kittredge. Other than a slight dusting of snow, everything looked great! In addition, Phil commented that “this […]

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