7 Things Learned at the Revit Technology Conference 2015 Washington DC

1.  Objects drawn in Revit should be drawn as Detail Components.  This gives the Object the ability to be Scheduled.  Objects should be schedulable.

2.  A best practice would be to have one office Revit template for all Project Types.

3.  The project type that most uses BIM technologies is Education.

4.  IPD stands for Integrated Project Delivery.  Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) leverages early contributions of knowledge and expertise through the utilization of new technologies, allowing all team members to better realize their highest potentials while expanding the value they provide throughout the project lifecycle.  http://www.aia.org/contractdocs/aias077630

5.  Form-it an AutoDesk product is a Parametric Design Program that imports and exports with Revit.  http://formit360.autodesk.com/app/

6.  Dynamo is a open source 3-D application for programming.  http://dynamobim.com/

7.  There are many different Apps and Add-ins available that are Free to improve your Revit Skills and Efficiencies.

For more information about Revit Technology Conference North America 2016 – See http://www.cvent.com/events/rtc-north-america-2015/


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