For an educational building, including primary, secondary and higher education, EVstudio works with you to create the right balance of flexibility and user-focused design.

Educational buildings, classrooms and assembly spaces must be increasingly flexible to provide maximum value to students, staff, and the community. This includes planning for occupancy growth and changing needs.

Designing For

Given our extensive work with public, charter, and private institutions, EVstudio understands the unique needs and requirements for each. We can manage a project of any scope, including renovations, additional space, or entirely new buildings. Our team is here to help with everything from design to construction to occupancy.

We will also help create a design and construction schedule that minimizes costs and ensures classes start on time.
EVstudio’s work includes pre-k, primary schools, secondary schools, and higher education.

Education Projects

A partnership with EVstudio brings your project to a new level.

How can we help create your ideal educational space?