EVstudio’s architects and engineers are the experienced, creative and strategic experts in residential home design.

EVstudio’s residential team has designed custom and production homes throughout the United States.
Our complete integration of design, architecture, and engineering is fairly unique in the design of homes. Most architects utilize consultants to design the home structure and engineering solutions. This means the structure design comes after the architectural design, which can lead to complications and additional expense. Within EVstudio, the architecture, engineering, and structure are designed together, which leads to solutions that are more holistically integrated.

Designing For

Prior to designing a home, we meet with the homeowner or builder to “program” their project. In this initial meeting, we discuss size, style, budget, structure, the land, and the owner’s priorities. This allows us to have a comprehensive viewpoint that establishes the design.

Visualization is also a very important element in the design process. For every project, EVstudio uses 3D computer modeling to allow clients to preview and understand the project as a whole easily.

Residential Projects

A partnership with EVstudio brings your project to a new level.

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