Bill Myhren, AIA, EI

How to Create a Sheet Index in Revit 2013

by Bill Myhren, AIA, EI May 21, 2019

Plan sets almost always have a cover sheet with an index that lists all of the sheets that are in the set. Revit has the ability to generate this sheet list (and update it) somewhat automatically, but the process is not completely straight-forward. This article […]

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Exterior Fire Suppression Systems for Balconies

by Bill Myhren, AIA, EI February 15, 2019

EVstudio is currently working on a project in the Lo-Hi neighborhood of Denver that will add 300 rental units along with retail and parking within walking distance of downtown. All of the rental units will have a balcony with a wood deck to fit the […]

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EVstudio Structural Engineering for Lennar Homes

by Bill Myhren, AIA, EI November 30, 2018

Wearing both the “architect” and “engineer” hats at EVstudio, I experience frequent cross-over between the two fields and get to participate in a wide variety of projects. Historically, engineers and architects have been known to butt heads at every corner (or corner detail!), but having […]

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Thermal Imaging for Energy and Building Analysis

by Bill Myhren, AIA, EI March 29, 2018

As the price of energy rises, architects, engineers, and especially building owners are becoming increasingly aware of energy consumption. Once a building is fully constructed, it may be difficult to pinpoint causes of energy leaks or inefficiency. Oversights in construction such as failing to properly […]

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Sewer Repair Options

by Bill Myhren, AIA, EI April 27, 2017

I recently moved into a home which came with a number of new maintenance responsibilities and needs that I previously didn’t have to consider. At the advice of my agent, I had the sewer line at the property “scoped” to look for any problems with […]

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What You Need to Know about Windows

by Bill Myhren, AIA, EI January 20, 2017

Windows are an important architectural component for both residential and commercial buildings and can significantly impact both construction budgets as well as energy use. According to consumer reports, the cost to replace the windows in the average house costs between $7,000 and $20,000. Windows come […]

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Fire Resistance Treatments for Wood

by Bill Myhren, AIA, EI June 10, 2016

Not all fire resistance treatments for wood are the same. Over the past few months, I have been learning about the differences between treatment strategies for wood. The following breakdown is a brief synopsis of those differences: Intumescent Paint Intumescent paint is a treatment applied […]

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A Foggy View of a Finished Genesee Residence

by Bill Myhren, AIA, EI May 17, 2016

This weekend I was able to visit and photograph a house that I designed in Genesee. The house was completed in December, so it was fun to see the house after the owners had occupied it. The house is approximately 4,500 Square Feet (3,500 finished) […]

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Genesee Residence Construction Update

by Bill Myhren, AIA, EI May 16, 2016

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit two houses that we designed which are currently under construction. It was exciting for me to visit both of these residences since I designed the electrical layout for the first house and I designed the second in its […]

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Halloween Chattering Skull DIY Project – If You Dare!

by Bill Myhren, AIA, EI November 3, 2015

As you may have noticed, Halloween was this last weekend. This is the first year that I have been living on a street with lots of families and trick or treaters and so I decided that it was time to put my engineering abilities and […]

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Denver Skyline Photo 2015

by Bill Myhren, AIA, EI April 28, 2015

This weekend was Doors Open Denver. Doors Open Denver is an annual event put on by the Denver Architectural Foundation and features hundreds of both paid and free tours of sites and buildings around Denver. Erik Larson posted earlier this month about the event. I […]

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Deck Hanger Corrosion

by Bill Myhren, AIA, EI April 15, 2015

Most homeowners probably don’t give much thought to the systems that hold up their house and their decks. It is usually assumed that once a deck is designed and built, it should last almost forever without too much required maintenance or attention. Recently, I observed […]

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