EVers Climb Longs Peak

A couple of weekends ago, my colleague and I decided to climb Longs Peak together. For my colleague, Kellie, this was a long time coming  — she is an avid hiker, having already bagged at least seven 14ers this summer alone. I consider myself an avid hiker/trail runner, though my checklist of 14ers is… well, a bit shorter than Kellie’s. I was both thrilled and somewhat apprehensive to be joining her on the Longs Peak journey, and we both knew that hiking Longs would be different from the other 14ers we had done; by the end, it turned out to be a feat of both mental and physical tenacity. (Be forewarned: Do not climb Longs Peak if you are afraid of heights or if your knees hurt like an old woman’s after hiking 14.5 miles.)

The Boulder Field at 6:20am, after hiking the first 5 miles in the dark
The Keyhole, or The Point of No Return
The Keyhole, or The Point of No Return
After climbing through the Keyhole
The Narrows
The Homestretch… gulp!
Kellie and me at the top!
View during the hike

We don’t always climb Longs Peak, here at EVstudio, but more than a few of us love to hike and get out into the mountains. This upcoming weekend, a few of us (mountainEVers, as we like to call ourselves) will be hiking Quandary Peak and having an equally good time!


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