Welcoming our newest Denver EVstudio Building tenant- The Squeeze Inn

When EVstudio purchased the old Martichang building at 5335 W. 48th Ave in Denver, it came with a lot of unique features. A 100-year-old piano, a brown single person jacuzzi on the floor and a bar. Not only a bar, but a community treasure with 70 years of history.  The Squeeze Inn quickly became a favorite feature of the purchase, and we are excited to announce it is open for business. It is run by family members of our very own Founder Dean Dalvit, and offers a place for locals and EVers alike to congregate and participate in building community.


The Dalvits have plans for this lovely icon and wearer excited to be next door watching them serve the community. Congratulations Michael & Missy.

To Read the Westord article on The Squeeze Inn Click Here.

EV at Squeeze



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