EVstudio Bike to Work Day 2015

A good-sized group of EVers came out for Bike to Work Day in Denver earlier this week — one of us even biked about 12 miles to get to the office! Now that’s the spirit.

From left to right: Billy Henly, Peter Gozar, Anna Chmel, Calvin Curtis, Tiffany Binkowski, Shane Donalson (not pictured: Kacy Landsittel)
Bike to Work Day in Civic Center Park, near the Capitol
Bike to Work Day stations set up in Civic Center Park, nearby the EVstudio office

In a fateful turn of events, some of us biked home in a bad thunderstorm, quite uncharacteristic of Colorado. Luckily, we all arrived home safely, and we were not in these cars (this picture was taken one block from my house in Denver):


Moral of the story:

Hire EVstudio for your architecture and civil/structural/MEP engineering so your property has the best possible defense against unexpected disasters: good design.


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