We’ve Got Spirit, How ‘Bout You?

EVstudio 2nd Annual Spirit Week


June 6th, 2006 was the inception of EVstudio and in recent years has been celebrated by bringing back the summer camp tradition of Spirit Week. In the last year, EVstudio has doubled in size and expanded to have an office in Idaho as well which means many new team members and many new faces to get to know. EV Spirit Week is an opportunity to cultivate fun, collaboration and organic conversation because it is a week full of fun events from a food drive to theme days to picnics and ice cream parties.

One of our core values is to Evoke Joy and that carried us through the planning. We wanted to celebrate our company and the wonderful people that are part of it. Of course, like many things in this office we made it a competition to receive the most spirit points and the most food drive donations points. These two categories are the backbone of the competition, we want to boost participation in even the littlest of ways like wearing your team color and in bigger ways like decorating your desk and bringing in donations for the local food bank.

We had a lot of fun highlights from this year’s competition including our Hawaiian Luau. This day had the most participation from the entire office. We started the morning with breakfast sandwiches on Sweet Hawaiian Rolls and Hawaiian Punch in every corner of the office. There were festive leis and shirts that decorated all of our team members. Palm trees, coconuts, and tikis filled the office to make it feel like a retreat at work. Both offices received a Hawaiian BBQ for lunch and the Denver office was surprised with face painting by one of our teams. The pictures below capture the fun and joy that encompassed Hawaiian day at EVstudio Idaho and Denver.


This week was about a little more than just fun for our office, we also worked hard in both offices to give back to families and the community. We hosted the food drive a little differently this year to encourage bringing in more items that the local food bank needed most. Last year we donated 1700 pounds of food to Community Table Arvada. Going into this year’s food drive we wanted to challenge our office to take it one step further and focus on the most needed items from personal hygiene products to back to school supplies. Our final total for the Denver office tallied to about 1000 pounds for Community Table Arvada and the Idaho office donated 150 pounds of food to the Boise Rescue Mission.

Part of spirit week every year includes teams bringing together donations for the food drive and this year, our employees took it to another level and volunteered as well. At EVstudio every employee is given VTO (volunteer time off) to encourage giving back and we had a few teams volunteer their time as part of our spirit week competition and celebration. A few members spent some time picking up trash off the street, others took time to go to help out at a school science fair, and a whole team got together and planned a day to help at Habitat for Humanity Aria.

While this week has become a competition within the office, it’s a lot more than that. It’s a chance to learn about other members of the team, new or not. It’s a chance to take a step back from redlines and instead join food lines. It’s a chance for camaraderie to meet team building. It is an opportunity to have fun and reflect on the core values that have made EVstudio a wonderful team to be a part of.

EVstudio likes to have fun in many different ways including getting outdoors and hiking, check out one of our 14er trips. 


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