Integrating Sapphire Reviewer™

EVstudio has been working closely with the MiTek software designers to integrate Sapphire Reviewer into our structural engineering toolkit. Sapphire Reviewer is an in depth software created to aid the design process of structural layouts. Since we are committed to creating a cohesive design environment between all facets of the industry, it is important that our software be able to interface. We can now import our AutoCAD and Revit models into Sapphire Reviewer where wall, floor, and roof framing plans are designed. After the framing layout is completed, and any design conflicts are resolved, the model can be imported back into the original software where it is constructed as one compiled model. This process further establishes the BIM goals and standards of EVstudio.


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  1. Christina, we enjoyed hearing Stan, Shirley, and Elizabeth going on about your new job and experience with REVIT over a meat loaf dinner last evening at our place. Everyone also enjoyed bragging about your brother’s first liscensed job being our new addition, and a walking tour afterwards. I am a life long stockbroker, and always looking to learn more about growth possibilities. ADSK made the mold long ago(full disclosure-I have never owned the stock), and I sense this new REVIT or 3-D as Stan described may help them raise the bar higher? Needless to say many older and more experienced architects are suffering with the ABI falling off since the crisis, and does this new softwear in your humble opinion allow skills needed in your profession at more expeditious and cost effective rates? What comes to mind is Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute being the advisor for the ESB/Empire State Building as they engineered/consulted on changing out 6500 windows in order to cut the electric bill by 60+/-%. You can reach me by email above, or at 719-395-6908. Good luck to you, and look forward to seeing you on 6/30!

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