New IDP Guidelines & Supplementary Education Opportunites October 2010

As of October 1st 2010, NCARB is offering four more supplementary education opportunities for interns, whether employed or unemployed.  To earn IDP credit in any of these areas, interns must earn the experience on or after October 1, 2010 and submit it through the e-EVR with all the appropriate documentation and supervisor approval.

The new opportunities include Site Visits with a Mentor, Design Competitions, Community-Based Design Center Volunteering, and CSI’s Construction Education Network.

Up to 40 core hours in each of the 15 IDP training areas can be earned for completion and submission of a design competition entry outside of a recognized work setting or academic requirement.  Competitions completed for a firm while employed count for IDP credit under the related work setting.

NCARB is also implementing new IDP Eligibility dates.  Your IDP eligibility date is the date after which you are able to earn IDP experience.  As of October 1 2010, you can start to earn IDP credit after you have successfully documented the following:

-Enrollment in a NAAB/CACB-accredited degree program

-Enrollment in a pre-professional architecture degree program at a school that offers a NAAB/CACB-accredited degree program

-Employment in work setting A after obtaining a U.S. high school diploma or GED equivalent, or comparable foreign degree


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