Noodles Restaurant- Savannah, Georgia

Noodles Restaurant is a restaurant in Savannah that was designed by Don Eckols of EVstudio Austin. The restaurant is locally-owned fine-food influenced by Venice, Italy. This design is a scaled down version of the Piazza St. Marco. The restaurant incorporates a series of open spaces around a central “outdoor plaza”. The spaces are held together by a strong central axis with sixteen colors representing the essence of the agrarian Tuscany sunset.

Noodles Concept #204132016

Conceptual Design Charrette

Noodles - Interior 204102016


Noodles Interior space 3#04132016Noodles Interior space 3#04132016
Noodles Interior 3#04132016

Noodles Interior 3#04132016Noodles Interior 704132016

Noodles Interior 404132016


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