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  1. Ray,
    We have been working for several years with Skilled Nursing facilities. They do tend to run at a premium for construction cost due to amenities and services offered as well as the stringent regulatory requirements you have to meet. Also, depending on your market (private pay or subsidized), there will be drivers based on level of finish as well. $175/sq.ft. I would say would be on the very low end for these types of facilities, especially in Southern California. I would expect the typical project to run closer to $200/sq.ft. for private pay and perhaps a bit lower for subsidized product. On the higher end of the private pay scale, we’ve seen $225 and higher. These are facilities that command significant returns on monthly rates for beds so they spare no expense on the initial construction costs in order to attract the higher end of the market. We have a great deal of experience in this project type and would be happy to help you with your project. We also are a regional firm and have an affiliate in California. So when you are ready to take the next step, please contact us at 303-670-7242 or design@evstudio.com and we can work with you on a stunning design that can fit within your desired budget. Thanks!

  2. Trying to do a feasibility study on a skilled nursing facility in Southern California and needed a ballpark on the cost of construction. Facility around 45,000 square feet with 150 beds. Includes rooms, rehabilitation facilities, kitchen and dining areas. Research showed $175 a square foot to build. Is this a good target? Thank you.

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