Designing Your House – Part 1

by Sean O'Hara November 6, 2018

The first part of information that we need in programming your project is often the most straightforward. What is the address and legal description for the project? I actually like to confirm this prior to the first meeting so that we can research the property […]

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Colorado Homebuilding Academy

by Michael Carr October 29, 2018

If you’ve been keeping up on the news in Colorado’s residential sector, you’ve probably noticed that the state (and most of the nation) is experiencing a housing shortage. In 2018 alone, the Denver Post has reported that Denver may have a deficit of up to […]

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Designing Your House – Part 9

by Sean O'Hara September 28, 2018

What is the structure that is going to be holding up your house? More than any of our previous questions, your initial answer may be that’s why you hired an architect. While it’s defintely true, we still like to explore your options with you and […]

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Do This One Simple Trick to Lower Your Energy Bills for Your Home

by Dean Dalvit September 28, 2018
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We had the pleasure of having an entry in the recent Parade of Luxury Homes in Evergreen Colorado, and our home was by far the largest on the tour. Many people remarked at the size of the home and questioned what it took to heat […]

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Mudroom – A Degrading Name for a Very Important Room

by Dean Dalvit September 6, 2018
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Often overlooked in a program, the average Mudroom just happens to be one of the most heavily used and under appreciated rooms in the typical home. Many homes will combine the owner’s entrance with the laundry room, which may make sense given the similar functions […]

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In Need of a Structural EValuation?

by evstudio August 23, 2018
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Do you have a structural concern about your home? Are you buying a home, but have some reservations about a structural aspect? Are you selling a home and had a home inspector flag an item, and now the bank requires an inspection by a professional […]

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Modern Mountain Home in Evergreen Colorado Nearing Completion

by Dean Dalvit August 23, 2018

We’re very excited to be seeing the completion of a modern mountain home we designed in Evergreen Colorado near completion. The Certificate of Occupancy was recently released and the owners are moving in. EVstudio provided all of the Architecture, Structural and Civil Engineering on this […]

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Why It’s Critical To Have Correct Floating Sill Plates on Slab-On-Grade Floors in Colorado

by Jim Houlette August 13, 2018

When I’m requested to investigate a house with structural concerns one of the first things I check is proper floating sill plates on slab-on-grade floors.  I’m always amazed how so many basements are finished without a floating sill plate or some way of allowing the […]

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Buying Land to Build? You MUST Do These 8 Key Things Before You Close:

by Dean Dalvit August 13, 2018
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EVstudio has been involved in a great number of projects and a wide variety of situations involving our clients that for one reason or another didn’t quite fully complete their due diligence when purchasing their property. It’s an easy trap to fall in to – […]

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Designing Your House – Introduction

by Sean O'Hara July 11, 2018

Programming is the architect’s term for figuring out what elements need to be in a project and how they should fit together. Ideally at the beginning of each project you should go through the programming process with your architect and give them all of the […]

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Designing Your House – Part 2

by Sean O'Hara March 27, 2018

The next programming step after getting all of the general information on your project is discussing the site. In almost all cases our architectural designs are going to be site specific so it is important to have the site picked out. In many cases I […]

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The Santa Fe Style – Blending Pueblo and Territorial Architecture

by evstudio March 8, 2018

The Santa Fe style is a variation of both the Pueblo Revival and Territorial Style of architecture, made popular in the late 1800s.  It became the standard in New Mexico after it was defined by the Santa Fe Historic Zoning Ordinance of 1957.  The ordinance […]

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