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Structural Evaluation of Existing Foundations. The Glamorous Lives of Structural Engineers.

by Sean O'Hara, AIA, LEED AP July 26, 2019

It occurred to me as I lifted the polyvinyl moisture barrier and watched the hordes on tiny brown spiders scatter that they never told you in college that you might be spending quality time in dark, muddy, rusty, moldy places like the crawlspace pictured above.  […]

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So, You Want to be a First-time Homeowner? Tips and Lessons Learned from a Recent Home Buyer

by Nate Danforth May 23, 2019
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First-time home buying in an aggressive market like Denver can be an incredibly stressful experience. My fiancée and I recently moved from New York City where owning isn’t something you even consider unless you are a doctor, hedge fund manager, or probably a Unionized doorman […]

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Involving an Architect in Your Home Buying Process

by Sean O'Hara, AIA, LEED AP September 19, 2018

The smart home buyer knows when to involve an architect, engineer or land surveyor. Sometimes you need more than a home inspector.

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Buying Land to Build? You MUST Do These 8 Key Things Before You Close:

by Dean Dalvit, AIA, PE August 13, 2018
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EVstudio has been involved in a great number of projects and a wide variety of situations involving our clients that for one reason or another didn’t quite fully complete their due diligence when purchasing their property. It’s an easy trap to fall in to – […]

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Involving an Architect in Your Land Buying Process and Decision is a Great Idea

by Sean O'Hara, AIA, LEED AP February 16, 2018

When you are start looking to buy land or a house your first decision is finding the right real estate agent. Your second decision should be finding the right architect. An good architect can help you understand both the physical aspects of the site and […]

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Educational Series: From Buying to Building in the Foothills

by Brian Welch, PE January 11, 2018

EVstudio has a rich history in providing educational information via our blog, lectures and community outreach for all things A/E related. We believe that by sharing our knowledge we can be an asset to schools, young professionals in the industry and other service organizations by […]

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Real Estate Development in a Recession

by EVstudio AEP August 25, 2017

At the height of this most recent economic slowdown, with architectural billings somewhat down at most firms and non-existent at others, I decided to venture out into the world of land development.  A risky proposition in any economy, land development is generally described as buying […]

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De Bruin Virtual Tour

by evstudio May 15, 2017

There is a Virtual Tour of the De Bruin Duplex on This half of the duplex is currently for sale through EV Real Estate.

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by evstudio January 6, 2017

One of our primary goals in writing the EVstudio blog is to answer your questions about EVstudio and your larger questions about architecture, planning, development, construction, new urbanism, real estate, Denver issues, Colorado issues, AIA issues etc. Please let us know any questions or issues […]

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Commercial Real Estate Leases

by EVstudio AEP June 28, 2011

Finding office space for the first time can be very daunting.  Adding to the confusion of where to locate your business is the myriad of types of leases that are out there. In general there are 6 different types of leases for commercial space. The […]

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2011 Saving Places Conference for Historic Preservation in Colorado

by EVstudio AEP February 2, 2011

The 2011 Saving Places Conference hosted by Colorado Preservation Inc. will take place at the end of this week, February 2 – 5th at the Embassy Suites – Denver Convention Center. The annual conference is the largest historic preservation conference in the nation and is […]

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Evergreen Mercantile Retail & Office Building Completed

by EVstudio AEP August 24, 2010

The transformation of the Evergreen Mercantile building (formerly the BMC Building) in Bergen Park is now complete. EV Studio completed plans for the exterior facelift of the building which included the addition of new siding, an upgraded parapet wall, new storefront openings and the covered […]

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