The Hue Circle – It’s Awesome Like the Color Wheel

The humble color wheel doesn’t get enough press these days. A lot of us as architects use it almost intuitively. Sometimes we need a little refresher course. I am most familiar with the Munsell system so I went ahead and scanned the first page from my booklet.

munsell hue value chroma chart
munsell hue value chroma chart

Hue – This is a quality of a color, such as Blue

Value – Is it a dark blue or a light Blue? Value distinguishes the two.

Chroma – How strong or intense is that Blue?

These three combined give us a color.

Now you may hear the terms tint and shade. These relate to value. A tint is a light color and a shade is a dark color. Think of a painter. He or she is going to mix with white paint for a tint and with black paint to get a shade. So tint and shade indicate a color that may contain some white or some black.

The Munsell system has ten basic families of hue. Half are major and half are minor. The major hues are: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. The minor are: Yellow-Red, Green-Yellow, Blue-Green, Purple-Blue and Red-Purple. That’s right, it makes a circle, known as the hue-circle. It is very similar to the color wheel.

Munsell Hue
Munsell Hue


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    Please note that I have written a book entitled “Principle of colour and appearance measurement” in two volumes which are being published by Woodhead Publishers, UK (presently taken over by Elsivier). The first volume is already printed. In the second volume I want to use a figure (Munsell Hue Circle) from your website.
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