Why Social Media Is Important for an Architecture & Engineering Firm

I’m sure by now you have seen plenty of blogs or articles while surfing the internet. While coming across some of these blogs you might be asking yourself “why do they post so much?” When it comes to a business, there are a variety of reasons why they blog or use social media. Social media can help a business grow as well make them better at what they do.

Here are three big reasons why social media is important for architects and engineers:

  • It helps you stay informed and also allows you to share your own experiences.
  • Social media is typically the first place you can read up on new industry trends.
  • By subscribing to blogs or joining groups on several outlets such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, you will ensure that you are never behind the curve. At the same time, be sure your company is posting plenty of updates for the same reasons mentioned above.

Social media can also help your company connect with various other outlets. Networking and selling what your company does is one of the most important things any company can do.
By networking you can find out about local events you might not have heard of otherwise. Is there a new contractor you have been wanting to work with? Joining a group on LinkedIn or Facebook will greatly increase your chances of making this possible.

Lastly, social media offers solutions to everyday problems. For example, what if you are remodeling your home and want to know if it’s safe to remove a load bearing wall? Chances are if you have that question somebody else has asked it to. The great thing about the internet is you can typically find a blog you can turn to for answers.

As you read through our website, you will notice EVStudio practices the above mentioned plus much more. You will find posts about practices we use to help keep you informed. We also have plenty of posts offering information to any issues or problems you may have.


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