Urban Street Trees: Root Barrier

by John W. Olson May 20, 2016

In an urban environment, street trees are considered a necessity, but sometimes a nuisance. There are a series of considerations that should be made when incorporating street trees into the urban framework. Root Barrier: What is the most common nuisance in our historic neighborhoods in regards […]

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This or That #4: Trellis vs. Pergola

by Matt Svoboda May 17, 2016
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Home and garden advertisements interchange these a lot…so what’s the real difference? In this corner: a trellis is defined as “a frame or structure of latticework frequently used as a support for growing vines or plants”. And in this corner: a pergola is defined as […]

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The Fulfillment of Being an Expert Witness

by John W. Olson April 28, 2016

A statement is made to all college students interested in the architecture or landscape architecture profession. That is that ‘they will learn more in the first month of real experience on the job during an internship or their first year out of school that they […]

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Land Entitlements and Redevelopment Options for Golf Courses

by John W. Olson April 28, 2016

Recently, I faced an issue that I see becoming a common issue as the golf industry continues to decline and the costs and availability of water continues to decrease.  That issue is what to do with the excess number of golf courses that our country […]

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Greene & Greene Construction Update

by Matt Svoboda April 21, 2016
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Our Greene & Greene inspired home is almost completely through framing!  Most of the windows are in and the extensive exterior wood detailing is beginning to reveal its character.  Below you can see the dining room with its exposed T&G roofing at the extra deep […]

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Landscape Architecture available from EVstudio in Colorado

by evstudio April 8, 2016

Landscape Architecture is a necessary component for land development plan approval and building permit approval for many jurisdictions.  EV Studio provides landscape architecture along with all other related disciplines to assure quality control for your project. We work with a broad range of private and […]

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Drone Applications in Engineering and Construction

by Nathan Laudick March 18, 2016
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There has been a lot in the news about drones over the last couple of years, and this is with good cause.  Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have been used almost exclusively by the military over the previous decade.  However, with the rise of […]

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Green Roofs – Some are Intense

by Anthony Ries March 15, 2016

I want to talk today about intensive green roofs. These roofs are beautiful but expensive due to their continued maintenance and irrigation requirements and structural requirements.  In exchange for high cost a building owner gets a green roof that can have a large variety of […]

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Social Networks for Design Inspiration

by evstudio March 2, 2016

Surely you’ve heard of Pinterest by now; it’s the social media website that allows users to virtually “pin” images and links that they find inspiring, from delicious looking recipes to captivating architectural masterpieces. Pinterest has provided both designers and homeowners a place to collect information […]

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Colorado Springs Neighborhood Landscape Master Plan

by John W. Olson February 5, 2016
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We recently completed a Landscape Master Plan in Colorado Springs on the northwest side of town. The Master Plan was in response to increased water costs, maintenance concerns and as a retrofit to trees and vegetation that were inappropriately planted in the 1980′s. The Master […]

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Site Study Renderings

by Kayla Harmon February 5, 2016
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For this site study, our client asked to have renderings of different design scenarios that he could use to show members of the community.  These renderings would have to show the neighbors living around the site what the development would look like completed. This would […]

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Landscape Urbanism: A Critique from a CNU Cardholder and Landscape Architect

by John W. Olson January 4, 2016

  Landscape Urbanism sounds like a great name that really meshes together a lot of what I believe in and do as a professional.  Landscape Urbanism is rapidly growing in popularity and I suspect this will continue as the CNU (Congress for the New Urbanism) […]

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