Custom Patterning in Bentley Architecture

by EVstudio AEP September 28, 2010

How to on elevation patterning in Bentley Architecture with Extractions, the preferred method for Army Corps Center of Standardization projects.

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Clash Detection for Army Projects with Bentley Projectwise Navigator

by EVstudio AEP September 27, 2010

We have been using the latest version of Bentley Projectwise Navigator on our Army Corps projects to do collaboration and clash detection. In one of our early exercises we ran our Structural Model against our Architectural openings because we knew that some of the openings […]

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Ft. Hood Renderings with Bentley Luxology

by EVstudio AEP September 23, 2010

Progress renderings for the Ft. Hood Army Corps projects done with Bentley’s newest Luxology rendering engine.

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BIM Project Execution Plan

by EVstudio AEP August 18, 2010

The BIM Execution Plan formalized by the Army Corps has given EV Studio the chance to further perfect our fully integrated 3D design processes.

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