Navigating The Highlands at Breckenridge Design Guidelines with an Architect

by Dean Dalvit February 16, 2018

I have been involved with a number of projects in The Highlands at Breckenridge, and this post centers specifically around navigating the design review process in the most expedient way possible. First thing to note here: all design review processes will take time, and sometimes […]

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Open House Plan for a Small 20′ Wide House

by Sean O'Hara January 19, 2018

One of my favorite repeat clients called a few days ago and needed a plan for a small house to go on a 25′ wide lot in Denver. The house itself could not be more than 20′ wide. The client wanted a plan that would […]

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First Finished photos of Red Fox Run Home

by Dean Dalvit December 29, 2017
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While we haven’t yet had a chance to get professional photos of this project yet, I wanted to share with our followers of the mountain modern home series of posts the Red Fox Run project that was recently completed in Evergreen.     The Materials palette for […]

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Do This One Simple Trick to Lower Your Energy Bills for Your Home

by Dean Dalvit December 7, 2017
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We had the pleasure of having an entry in the recent Parade of Luxury Homes in Evergreen Colorado, and our home was by far the largest on the tour. Many people remarked at the size of the home and questioned what it took to heat […]

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Ipe Wood vs. Composite Decking

by evstudio December 7, 2017

We recently designed a house in which the homeowner is considering both Ipe wood and composite decking for the exterior decks.  Ipe is one of the strongest and most durable wood decking materials available due to its extremely dense grain.  When left untreated, Ipe wood decking can […]

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Designing Your House – Part 4

by Sean O'Hara May 19, 2017

The next set of spaces to design are the private spaces for the family. First an easy question, how many bathrooms and bedrooms would you like to have in the house? How many of them will be used every day, which ones actually serve other […]

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Designing Your House – Part 8

by Sean O'Hara May 15, 2017

The next piece that we talk about is the exterior design of your house and the form and massing of the design. The discussion of style is quite a long one, so at some point I’ll write a more thorough style post. For now let’s […]

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How to Start Rebuilding When Fire Strikes

by Dean Dalvit May 15, 2017
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When massive forest fires make the national news, it is unsettling. When the fire is in your community, it is frightening and when you or your property is directly affected by the fire, it is devastating. The recent fires in Conifer have reminded us of […]

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SIPs Design Guidelines to Reduce Cost

by Dean Dalvit May 15, 2017

We just recently completed another SIPs design for a single family home in Colorado. Along the way, we came across some very useful information on how to value design the home so that we were able to achieve the best cost on the SIPs package. While […]

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Simpad Blackpoint Newbie

by Ross Maxwell May 15, 2017

I have been using Blackpoint for a little over a three months and I have to say it has been pretty exciting. From watching the home builder demonstrate how, with a push of a few buttons, the software automatically pieces together a unique set of […]

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Why It’s Critical To Have Correct Floating Sill Plates on Slab-On-Grade Floors in Colorado

by Jim Houlette May 15, 2017

When I’m requested to investigate a house with structural concerns one of the first things I check is proper floating sill plates on slab-on-grade floors.  I’m always amazed how so many basements are finished without a floating sill plate or some way of allowing the […]

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Off Grid Home Trends

by Dean Dalvit January 20, 2017

Now completed, the Schuler Residence in Lake George is a log home that is completely off grid due to it’s remote location in the mountains of Colorado. The home has a photovoltaic (PV) array with a full battery storage system as well as a propane […]

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