EVstudio understands the complexities of designing and constructing healthcare projects.

EVstudio has been the architect and engineer for various types of health and wellness projects, including office complexes, doctor’s offices, assisted living centers, rehabilitation clinics, and dental offices.

Healthcare is a specialty group within the Commercial Studio.

Designing For

Healthcare architecture and engineering require a higher level of specificity than other project types. EVstudio has the ability to assemble the right team of healthcare experts. We utilize our own mechanical and electrical engineers as well as medical design consultants, equipment suppliers, and interior/theming designers. At EVstudio, we understand and implement FGI guidelines into the design along with careful observation of HIPAA laws. Our team is well versed in the construction tolerances of medical equipment, and the coordination of safety issues like medical gases.

EVstudio achieves success in our health and wellness projects because we have the right mix of talent, communication and service that perpetuate throughout the entire design and construction process.

Healthcare Projects

A partnership with EVstudio brings your project to a new level.

How may we help with your healthcare facility?