Common Building Questions Answered

by EVstudio AEP July 26, 2019
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When you work in this industry, you find yourself trying to answer very complex building questions in every type of social situation. Whether you’re at a party, in an Uber, or at a baseball game, these loaded questions come up as soon as the word […]

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Calculating Attic Ventilation to Comply with the IBC

by EVstudio AEP May 30, 2019

Enclosed attic spaces for buildings that fall under the IBC are required to be ventilated.  These spaces are formed where ceilings are applied directly to the underside of roof framing members.  IBC 1203.2 requires 1/150th of the attic area to be ventilated but there is […]

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Ready for your first A.R.E. 5.0? Study tips and testing center spoilers…

by Roxanne Jacobson March 22, 2019
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Taking the Architectural Registration Exams is something that all of us aspiring architects must go through. However, the whole process can be intimidating; from studying and scheduling your exams, to sitting in the testing center wondering if you’ll pass. I thought I’d share some of […]

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Exterior Fire Suppression Systems for Balconies

by Bill Myhren, AIA, EI February 15, 2019
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EVstudio is currently working on a project in the Lo-Hi neighborhood of Denver that will add 300 rental units along with retail and parking within walking distance of downtown. All of the rental units will have a balcony with a wood deck to fit the […]

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Gross vs. Net ….are your Toilets in…or Out?

by EVstudio AEP January 28, 2019
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While doing the code analysis for two buildings with a mix of Assembly and Business occupancies the following question came up….Restroom area… in or out?   We had the restrooms included in the original code analysis area, which is correct in a Gross sf calculation but I couldn’t […]

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Allowable Building Height, Story and Area Tables Updated in IBC 2015

by EVstudio AEP November 30, 2018
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Updated versions of the International Building Code are published every 3 years.  On a new project, one of the first code restrictions to determine is the allowable building height, area, and number of stories. Since 2000, the International Building Code has shown the allowable building […]

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ICC Family of Codes – IRC, IBC – Online Library

by Kacy Landsittel August 2, 2018
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The International Code Council (ICC), the member focused association that creates and updates model codes and standards used in the design, build and compliance process to construct safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures, features a free online library of their family of codes, including the IRC and […]

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Electrical Panel Locations- A guide for placement

by Kelly Hannegan August 24, 2017

Electrical Panel Locations Often during the schematic design process, the question comes up from time to time regarding acceptable locations for electrical panels.  The National Electrical Code has a few restrictions on where electrical panels may be located as follows: NEC 110.26 requires electrical equipment […]

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Apartments – ADA, FHA, ANSI, Title 9 and the IBC

by EVstudio AEP April 27, 2017

When working on Apartment buildings we as Architects are responsible for accommodating a large cross section of the population. Being in the public realm also means that there is quite a complex web of regulation that applies to the site, common spaces and the units […]

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2015 IBC is Coming to Denver Soon!

by EVstudio AEP December 31, 2015
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The 2015 Codes are proposed to go to Denver City Council in January 2016. It may be later, but is unlikely to be any sooner. There will likely be a 4-6 month transition period where projects can still be submitted under the ’09. Denver amendments […]

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Window Sill Requirements for ICC Changing in 2012

by EVstudio AEP November 4, 2015

Time to start looking at the new changes coming from the upcoming ICC codes for buildings in 2012! Sill height is a requirement that will affect almost any 2 story building and thought I would do a quick post on it.  Basically these rules serve the same purpose that […]

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Accessibility for Children

by EVstudio AEP July 18, 2010

A close look at ADA and ANSI reveals valuable flexibility in the code for catering to the needs of children. With a new project on the boards that includes a children’s daycare and play area I pulled out my copy of the ADAAG (Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guide) and ANSI 117.1-2003 (as called by the IBC (International Building Code)) and searched for adjustments in the code that take into consideration the specific needs of children.

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