Development Basics: Design Matters

by Dean Dalvit November 6, 2015
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Rarely do you have an opportunity to see how good Design has a direct impact on the bottom line. EVstudio designed the multifamily project on the left and it sold out in record time. Both of these projects were permitted within weeks of each other […]

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by Sean O'Hara November 3, 2015

I just ran across the Boulderspace blog. Well worth a look, lots of architecture related topics and its more than just Boulder. Originally posted 2008-10-10 02:19:57. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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Ovation Construction Update

by Matt Svoboda October 21, 2015
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Our 190 unit multi-family project in Lone Tree, Colorado is at roughly the 2/3 point of its 16-17 month construction schedule.  The project is phased into four distinct buildings.  The exterior finishes on Buildings 1 and 2 are almost complete and the pool has been […]

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Links from to Your Website

by Sean O'Hara October 1, 2015

With the increasing number of link requests that we get from Consultants, Clients, Engineers, Contractors and Builders, I thought it would be useful to explain how to get to link to your website. First, an important distinction, generally speaking our domain does not […]

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Denver Colorado Architect

by evstudio September 18, 2015

EVstudio started in the mountains of Colorado just west of Denver and has become known for doing work all over the state. While our Evergreen office is still busier than ever, our Denver office has been in full swing for over a year now. As […]

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Modern Barn Style Home – Boulder

by Daniel Swigert September 10, 2015
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EVstudio is currently partnered up with Thom Filicia of New York to develop this 8000 sqft Custom home.  This Modern Barn Style home will be in Boulder County, where it will house a family of four.  The house, do to its size and location, will have […]

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Finding and Choosing the Best Architect for Your Project

by Sean O'Hara September 5, 2015
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Last week I gave a talk on “How to Work With an Architect” as part of Colorado Architecture Month. One of the questions from the audience was “how do I find the right architect for my project”. Of course I told them to just talk […]

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A Culture of Opportunity at EVstudio

by LindaAnn Rogers September 5, 2015

One of the most encouraging and motivating aspects about working at EVstudio is the culture of opportunity.  A recent nationwide leadership study of nearly 500 senior leaders, managers, supervisors and key employees sought to answer the question, “What is the one most important thing that […]

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An EVstudio Client – Custom Home Blog

by Matt Svoboda September 2, 2015
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Please check out this blog ( by one of our clients which has been chronicling the progress of the construction of their home.  These brave souls are doing 90% of the construction themselves and as such the blog is full of great lessons learned and […]

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Great City Views from a Custom Home

by Anthony Ries August 17, 2015
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One of the great perks to building a home in the mountains is the great view of the surrounding mountains or valleys. Another view that is often over-looked is the fantastic view of the Denver metro area that is available on the right site. A […]

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Progress Update on Modern Home in the Mountains

by Anthony Ries August 17, 2015
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One of the greatest parts of being an architect or engineer is seeing a building come out of the ground. I recently toured a modern home project of ours which is under construction. This view is from the southwest corner of the home. The main […]

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The Components of Solar Hot Water – Collectors and Circulation

by Anthony Ries August 15, 2015

In the world of solar hot water there are many names for systems that are identical or do similar things. It is important to know the basics and general components of any system one is working with. Once the basics are understood and mastered then […]

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