Development Basics: Design Matters

by Dean Dalvit April 11, 2014
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Rarely do you have an opportunity to see how good Design has a direct impact on the bottom line. EVstudio designed the multifamily project on the left and it sold out in record time. Both of these projects were permitted within weeks of each other […]

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Top 10 Important Things to Know for SIPs

by Dean Dalvit April 10, 2014

With the growing popularity of SIP designed homes, it is important to know some critical details that are different than traditional stick frame design. Below is a list of what I have developed as important details to consider as early as the pre-design stage as […]

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Conceptual Images of Lakewood Town Homes

by Anthony Ries March 23, 2014
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Defining an identity for any project is a matter of great consideration. Our latest project in Lakewood Colorado, just west of Denver is essentially the first new project in the vicinity and as a result we have an opportunity to set the tone for the […]

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The Santa Fe Style – Blending Pueblo and Territorial Architecture

by evstudio March 23, 2014

The Santa Fe style is a variation of both the Pueblo Revival and Territorial Style of architecture, made popular in the late 1800s.  It became the standard in New Mexico after it was defined by the Santa Fe Historic Zoning Ordinance of 1957.  The ordinance […]

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Custom Residential Exteriors

by Anthony Ries March 14, 2014
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This home was completed in time for the Holidays but due to the weather we have been having this year it took a long time to get photographs scheduled. We are excited to show them to you now. Once spring rolls around and the koi […]

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Interesting Insights on Architecture That Can Repair Itself

by Dean Dalvit March 11, 2014

Most people  don’t realize that there is a growing  body of research in the world of architecture based on biologic solutions to our built environment. This particular video by Rachel Armstrong from discusses technologies that are currently being researched that would actually use living […]

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Custom Mountain Modern Home

by Anthony Ries February 28, 2014

Another mountain modern custom home in Evergreen is under construction. So far only the footings are in place and that isn’t very interesting. Once more of the project is in place we’ll post updates. For now we have a couple new renderings.   Originally posted […]

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Passive Solar Cooling – Solar Chimneys & Cool Tower

by Anthony Ries February 24, 2014

Passive solar cooling may seem like an oxymoron to many. After all, the sun is hot and we’ve learned that radiant energy heats up everything on earth that it strikes? That is true and we can use it to our advantage. Keeping things cool The […]

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Sometimes It’s the Details in a Custom Home

by Anthony Ries January 21, 2014
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The Colorado Mountain in Evergreen is coming along nicely. There are a couple nice and unique architectural details that I want to share. It’s always fun to work on a custom home in the mountains or even the plains. Without any further ado I want […]

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Working with your Architect – The Written Program

by Anthony Ries January 21, 2014
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We have another new home entering into the construction document phase from schematic design. It’s been a joy to work with this particular client in large part because they had a well thought out program – or list of spaces they want in their home. […]

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Finding and Choosing the Best Architect for Your Project

by Sean O'Hara January 21, 2014
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Last week I gave a talk on “How to Work With an Architect” as part of Colorado Architecture Month. One of the questions from the audience was “how do I find the right architect for my project”. Of course I told them to just talk […]

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The Four Treatments for Historic Properties

by Anthony Ries December 19, 2013

When working with, or evaluating, federally registered historic structures it is important to understand the basic approaches that can be taken in regards to modifications. Rehabilitation: This treatment is when an owner wants to maintain the historic character of the building yet use it for […]

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