Sequential Stressing and Elastic Losses

by Calvin Curtis October 19, 2017
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In a previous post, I discussed the sources of short- and long-term losses in unbonded post-tension tendons.  Recently, a question came up on one of my LinkedIn groups regarding elastic shortening and sequential stressing. To refresh your minds, concrete — which is generally regarded by […]

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Change of Use May Require a Structural Engineer

by Sean O'Hara August 25, 2017

When the use of a building changes from one occupancy to another, say a store to a restaurant, you certainly need an architect to help you. The architect deals with exiting, fixture counts, layout issues and provides the stamped plans that you’ll need for the […]

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A/E Firms have an Advantage over Architects with Municipality Regulations

by Sean O'Hara May 15, 2017

Municipalities are increasingly asking for Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors to stamp drawings that could previously be stamped by architects. We see this a lot with small structural and civil pieces incidental to commercial projects. Municipalities are also adding new documents to their requirements […]

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Have Your Architect Hire the Engineers

by Sean O'Hara April 28, 2017

In the traditional architectural project the client will hire the architect and in turn the architect will bring on any consultants and engineers that are necessary to deliver the project. Recently, I’ve seen a number of clients who prefer to hire all of the consultants […]

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A Reason We Have Engineers and Architects – Designing to Meet Code

by Jim Houlette January 20, 2017

EVstudio’s Structural Department was recently called to an existing house to provide recommendations to a home owner for completing a remodel in progress.   This is a typical request that EVstudio takes care of several times a week. But this visit will always be remembered, […]

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Top Five Toys for Structural Engineers

by Katelyn Wager January 20, 2017
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A countless number of toys exist today, but there are a few that have become the favorites of structural engineers.  Below is a list of the top toys that will help kids start thinking about structural design and get their creative juices flowing. Legos – […]

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Architect Project Delivery with Design Build Mechanical and Electrical

by Sean O'Hara January 20, 2017

In a traditional design/bid/build project delivery the architect hires the engineers and the engineering drawings are part of the bid package. With smaller tenant finish projects we are now seeing a scenario where the engineering drawings are being provided design/build by the contractor. The contractor […]

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Steel Screw Pile Foundation

by Jim Houlette November 30, 2016

A deep foundation system that is gaining popularity in areas with difficult soil, contaminated soil and due to its speed of construction is steel screw piles. At first glance screw piles look like the typical helical pier.  However, there are significant differences that make a […]

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Software as a Design Tool – Cantilevered Stairs

by EVstudio AEP November 30, 2016

Here at EVstudio we use a number of different software packages to design and document our work. Our documentation may be done in AutoCAD, Revit or Bently BIM. Our design work is sometimes quickly completed in SketchUp. I even used it to fully document some […]

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Denver Engineers Not Surprised by New Post-Tension Rule

by Calvin Curtis November 30, 2016
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Good day!  Your usual post-tension maniac here, with more exciting information on post-tensioning! A few months ago, I mentioned that finishing post-tension tendons was an area of special concern, since corrosion is very much the arch-enemy of post-tension tendons.  There are actually a lot of […]

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Progress Update on Modern Home in the Mountains

by EVstudio AEP June 10, 2016
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One of the greatest parts of being an architect or engineer is seeing a building come out of the ground. I recently toured a modern home project of ours which is under construction. This view is from the southwest corner of the home. The main […]

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Architects and Engineers need Errors & Omissions Insurance

by Sean O'Hara June 10, 2016

When you are making decisions about hiring an architect, engineer or other licensed building professional it is important to verify that they carry Errors & Omissions Insurance (E&O). As a client, errors and omissions insurance protects you from major professional mistakes that cause you financial […]

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