Civil Engineering

Taking the guesswork out of land development, permits, and planning

For vertical, or horizontal development, as your civil engineering partner, we act as your advisor and advocate for land development, permitting and planning. By streamlining the process, EVstudio creates more affordable and constructible civil design plans, saving you time, and money.

Our civil engineers operate in a way that makes us a seamless extension of your design team. We understand your creative process, concerns, and needs. Due to our high level of experience, collaboration and service, we’re able to produce and implement engineering solutions that are fully customized to your project’s individual attributes and to your creative vision.

EVstudio’s civil team is also well versed in a range of planning services including; Site planning, land planning, neighborhood planning, master planning, feasibility studies, density studies, and entitlements work.

Horizontal or Vertical. We do it all.

  • Land Development & Planning. Working with you to help make the most out of your land's potentia. By balancing site cut/fill to economize on budget, minimize site distrubance, and other strategic designs we help save you money through design.
  • Water, Sewer, and Stormwater Systems. Assisting clients with their systems for all types of projects both, new and when land redevelopment is required.
  • Permitting. Familiarity with urban and rural area counties and permit process throughout the western region.
  • City Engineering. We understand complex and changing municipalities codes and processes.
  • Street | Utility Evaluation & Design. Rural or Urban, one-lane or main street, we help you with the right design to match your needs.
  • Traffic Studies & Planning. We will work with your team to help determine the right amount of maintenance and funding each street, alley, and trail deserve.
  • Athletic Synthetic & Turf Fields. Your design partner when you need to refurbish, or add new fields.
  • Cooperative Purchasing. We go beyond the typical firm to help our clients find ways to acquire services and products to fit their tight budgets.

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