Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation is the Conservation of our Cultural Heritage

by evstudio June 10, 2015

The practice of Historic Preservation is the conservation of our cultural heritage. Historic buildings, even when they’ve fallen to misuse and disrepair, are often important landmarks in the landscapes of our communities. In addition, many historic buildings are important chronicles of the activities and ways […]

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And a Column Shalt be Under Thine Beam

by Matt Svoboda May 27, 2015
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One of the most frequently made mistakes in traditional design is the misalignment of a column with regards to the beam or entablature it is supporting.  The face of the beam (on both the inside and the outside) should align with the slenderest part of […]

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Doors Open Denver 2015

by Erik Larson April 10, 2015
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Doors Open Denver 2015 is approaching! Not familiar? Well, hold on to your hats, folks. Have you ever noticed a building in your normal day to day, and wonder what it would be like to go inside, walk around, or even get a guided tour? […]

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The Four Treatments for Historic Properties

by Anthony Ries December 2, 2014

When working with, or evaluating, federally registered historic structures it is important to understand the basic approaches that can be taken in regards to modifications. Rehabilitation: This treatment is when an owner wants to maintain the historic character of the building yet use it for […]

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Classification of Work and Scope in the Existing Building Code

by Sean O'Hara April 23, 2014

The International Existing Building Code is a building code that is being adopted by an increasing number of municipalities. While the International Building Code has provisions for existing buildings it offers fewer options than the IEBC. The first step in identifying the applicable code provisions […]

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Quickly Construct Concrete Pad Footings with FASTBAG

by evstudio November 13, 2013

At a recent seminar I attended I was introduced to the Fab-Form product called FASTBAG. This product is brilliantly simple….a textile bag you can fill with concrete and reinforcing bars to take the place of the wood formwork traditionally utilized to construct pad footings. The […]

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This or That #3: Arcade vs. Colonnade

by Matt Svoboda October 17, 2013

Good luck finding a book on classical architecture that doesn’t mislabel one or both of these features, so what’s the difference?  You’ll kick yourself…once you look at the roots the answer seems obvious. In this corner: an arcade is defined as “a series of arches […]

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Historic Preservation and Sustainability – One Strategy Contributing to Both Goals

by EVstudio AEP October 2, 2011

Dean and I had a very interesting meeting with the Heritage Resources Program Leader for the Rocky Mountain Region of the U.S. Forest Service last week and during our meeting we began discussing the idea of sustainability and historic preservation. This very topic will be […]

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The Abbey on Adams: Structural Design for a Historic Building Remodel

by evstudio October 1, 2011

EVstudio was recently awarded the contract to provide structural engineering services for the remodeling of a luxury condo unit located in a historic brick church at 14th and Adams in Denver. This church was repurposed as two unique luxury condo units in 2000. The scope […]

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Next week: Elicia Ratajczyk will speak at the Conifer Historical Society

by evstudio July 14, 2011

The Conifer Historical Society and Museum (CHSM) is hosting members of the Ken Caryl Historical Society at this months Summer Lecture Series for the first of two talks highlighting the history of the Bradford Toll Road. Elicia Ratajcyzk, Associate at EVstudio, will talk about Bradford […]

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Working with HistoriCorps Again!

by EVstudio AEP June 28, 2011

EVstudio is very excited to be continuing work with the fantastic historic preservation collaborative HistoriCorps this year. HistoriCorps is now entering it’s 3rd summer of volunteer driven historic preservation projects and is in the process of expanding to a national model. This public-private partnership is […]

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The Yellow Barn at Conifer: Early American Pre-fab in the Mountains

by EVstudio AEP June 11, 2011

The historic “Yellow Barn” (well, it used to be more yellow than it is today) at the corner of Highway 73 and Barkley Road in Conifer has long been a well known and beloved landmark and icon of the mountain community. What many may not […]

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