EVstudio Client / Designer Collaborative Environment and DWF Design Review

by Kacy Landsittel May 30, 2019

EVstudio delivers architectural design for our clients in many forms and levels of detail tailored to our clients. Typically throughout the design process, the design is delivered by means of 2D floor plans, elevations and hand sketches to convey concepts fed from a collaborative client / […]

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Revit Tutorial: Importing Topography

by EVstudio AEP May 30, 2019

Civil engineers typically use a 3D CAD program to model topography for a site.  When we receive their CAD file for a site, we have to import it into Revit to create a topography surface that we can then edit. Before you create topography in […]

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How to Create a Sheet Index in Revit 2013

by Bill Myhren, AIA, EI May 21, 2019

Plan sets almost always have a cover sheet with an index that lists all of the sheets that are in the set. Revit has the ability to generate this sheet list (and update it) somewhat automatically, but the process is not completely straight-forward. This article […]

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Integrating Sapphire Reviewer™

by evstudio May 8, 2019

EVstudio has been working closely with the MiTek software designers to integrate Sapphire Reviewer into our structural engineering toolkit. Sapphire Reviewer is an in depth software created to aid the design process of structural layouts. Since we are committed to creating a cohesive design environment […]

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Revit Workshare Workaround for an Unavailable User

by EVstudio AEP May 7, 2019

When using a workshared project in Revit, you will occasionally get locked out of editing certain elements because someone else is was working on that element.  Here is that all too familiar dialog box: But what if ‘UserName’ is not available to resave to central […]

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5 Services to Consider When Working with your Design Team

by EVstudio AEP March 28, 2019

When hiring EVstudio to work with you on your building project, you’ll always get a great experience working with the team of architects and engineers through the pre-design, design, construction documents  and construction phase. That’s a given but sometimes it makes sense to hire us […]

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Architectural and Structural Coordination in 3 Dimensions

by EVstudio AEP March 11, 2019

You may have heard that we use a software package known as Revit. One of the things that we really like other than the fairly intuitive interface is that the architects and the structural engineers here work within the same file. Once the schematic design […]

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Revit 2012 – Where are the Special Characters?

by Kacy Landsittel February 22, 2019

Typing and creating notes in Revit is similar to AutoCAD, however use of special characters requires a couple extra steps. To be able to use a symbol in Revit such as degrees or diameter, from the Windows operating system anyway, one needs to open the […]

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Using Navisworks for Improved Coordination

by Michael Banks January 29, 2019

This week, I’d prepared some images to help demonstrate the benefits of building information modeling (BIM). In our MEP department, the vast majority of our projects are modeled in Revit. In fact, the only times we’ll complete projects in AutoCAD (2D) are when we’re making […]

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Revit Tutorial: Setting Survey Points and Project Base Points

by EVstudio AEP November 30, 2018

Every Revit project has a Survey Point and a Project Base Point.  Elevations in Revit can be measured from either of these points.  Often, we need some elevations to be measured from USGS elevations and other times we need elevations to be measured from 0’-0” […]

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Revit Tip #9 – Change Orientation of Family During Placement

by Kacy Landsittel November 6, 2018

At the intermediate levels of Revit, there are a number of tricks to aid the design flow process. This tip removes an otherwise additional step of using the rotate tool when inserting and placing a family and allows you to align it with any line […]

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Design Options in Revit

by evstudio November 6, 2018

Design is rarely a linear path; often we start with several concepts that we feel are viable options. It is usually necessary to present multiple options to clients so they can determine how the project would best suit their needs, or to work through different […]

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